Laurie McClure is a multifaceted self-taught artist living in Washington state. She was born on April 8th, 1990, in Longview, WA. In the last few years, Laurie's been developing her distinctive approach to visual art. With her past career in makeup artistry and her education in color theory and aesthetics. Her current artwork is a medley of heartfelt watercolor portraits and expressionist paintings in mixed media. She often merges beauty and nature and illustrations that include expressive characters of people as well as animals.

Artist Statement

I find myself moved by emotions and day to day life. Its moments of joy and grief that push me to pick up my brush. When the viewer sees my art, its my intent for them to feel these sentiments that I put into my craft; the complexities of life and humanism are what make characters shown in my visions beautiful to me. The meaning of my artwork isn't always direct but rather a mixture of varied feelings, colors, and thoughts coupled together. 

Using Format